Programs of Study

At NMCC, more than 30 programs of study are designed to enable you to enter the work force with technically-current skills and to prepare you for lifelong learning and upward mobility. Ninety percent of our graduates are employed within six months of their graduation in Real jobs or are continuing their education for a bachelor's degree. Our associate's degree will allow you to enter your chosen job market with confidence or to continue on to a baccalaureate degree

Admission Procedures

The following procedures constitute the admissions process:

  • An NMCC application form must be submitted to the admissions office.
  • A final, official high school transcript for all years attended must also be submitted to the admissions office. Current high school seniors must include grades for the ranking periods completed at the time of their application to NMCC.  
  • GED/HiSET test scores must be submitted to the admissions office by those who are not high school graduates.
  • College transcripts must be submitted to the admissions office by applicants who have attended other colleges or post-secondary schools.
  • Placement testing may be required prior to acceptance.
  • individual interviews are required, and campus tours are STRONGLY recommended for all candidates.
  • Admission decisions are made as quickly as possible once an individual candidate's file is complete.
  • Accepted applicants are required to make a $100 deposit within thirty days of their acceptance notification. Students wishing on-campus housing are required to submit an additional $100 deposit to reserve space in the residential complex.

Admission Policies

Completion of a four-year high school program or a state high school equivalency certificate is required for admission to the associate degree, diploma and certificate programs offered at NMCC. A rolling admission policy affords candidates the opportunity to apply and be considered for acceptance throughout the year, but early application (9-10 months prior to the beginning of a given school year) is recommended because of competition and enrollment capacities established for each program. Some programs are subject to a competitive admission process. All programs are offered to women and men. Students are encouraged to enroll in programs considered nontraditional for their sex. Qualified handicapped students are also encouraged to apply and are provided appropriate support services. See the requirements and recommendations matrix at the end of this section.

Requirements (refer to page 10)

For more information on policies refer to the Student Handbook.

Non Credit Courses