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Current Outside Scholarships

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Aspire Scholarship

Deadline:  May 15, 2017

 Aspire supports students who have resided a substantial part of their formative years (K-12) in Presque Isle or Washburn and adult learners who have built a life in either town and are returning to school.  Eligible applicants have successfully completed an alternative education program (for example, Presque Isle Alternative High School or The Carleton Project) or who are alternative learners who would have benefited from such a program had one been available to them. Academic excellence is not a prerequisite, but demonstrated personal growth, capacity and will to succeed, and pursuit of a post-secondary education are.  


The Clyde Russell Scholarship Fund

Deadline:  February 1 of each year

This award will be to cover tuition,  room, board, books and fees, not to exceed $2000 . This award is granted to a High School graduate attending a two year Community College.  One-half will be paid upon presentation of evidence of enrollment in the first semester and one-half upon presentation of evidence of enrollment in the second semester.  In granting the awards, the Trustees will consider personal traits and qualities, extra-curricular activities, community activities, post-secondary academic ability and achievement, and personal goals and objectives.

Collision Repair Education Foundation

A variety of Auto Collision Repair Scholarships -

For the spring 2016 scholarships and grants, there will be one master application for a student to complete for all scholarship and grant opportunities. Based on your responses, the Collision Repair Education Foundation will determine for which scholarship(s) or grant(s) you are eligible.

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