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Adult Learner Scholarship

The Maine Community Foundation has launched the Adult Learner Scholarship Fund to support non-traditional students who want to change their lives for the better through education and training.


“Pursuing higher education as an adult – whether for the first time or not – can be stressful and full of challenges,” says MaineCF Director of Educational Initiatives Cherie Galyean. “The Adult Learner Scholarship is intended to help relieve some of the financial burden students take on so they can focus on what is important: school.” MaineCF offers two types of Adult Learner scholarships:


A degree-seeking scholarship supports two- and four-year degree programs and certificate courses that fit into the regular calendar year. The application deadlines for these scholarships are June 15 and December 15, 2019.


The second scholarship supports credential/certificate programs that last less than a full semester. These short-term scholarships will have a rolling deadline of the first of each month.  


Eligible applicants must meet ONE of the following criteria: be over the age of 25; work full-time; have dependents other than a spouse; be financially independent; have not received a standard high school diploma; and/or delayed enrollment in college after high school for a reason other than a gap year activity.

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