Northern Maine AHEC - Connecting Students to Health Careers, Professionals to Communities and Communities to Better Health

The AHEC mission is to enhance access to quality health care, particularly primary and preventive care, by improving the supply and distribution of healthcare professionals via strategic partnerships with academic programs, communities, and professional organizations.

  • RECRUIT: to educate community members about health career choices and recruit future 
health professionals.
  • TRAIN: to facilitate student community- based clinical training experiences.
  • RETAIN: to provide resources that assist and support health care professionals.


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Recruitment and Retention of Rural Healthcare Providers

Clinical Education

Clinical Education intern



Supporting the recruitment and retention of rural primary care providers is a focus of the Maine AHEC Network. Evidence-based strategies include providing health profession students with positive clinical experiences in rural communities and nurturing health professions students from rural communities who are most likely to return to those communities to practice.





Community Health Rotations in Aroostook County

Community Health Rotation for UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine Students

The Maine AHEC Network coordinates the selective mandatory four-week Maine Community Health Rotation (CHR) for third year UNE COM medical students. With more than 60 preceptors (clinical physician-educators) in Maine, students enhance their knowledge and exposure to the unique and exciting challenges of practicing primary care, especially in rural underserved communities. 

Enhanced Community Health Rotation Program

The Maine AHEC Network, in collaboration with the Northern Maine AHEC has developed an “enhanced” community health rotation to attract students interested in rural health and primary care and create a rich experience that will increase the chances that students will make the decision to practice in rural Maine. 


Literature on Making the Case for Health Workforce Pipeline Programs